Trendy plus size clothing has taken a step forward and evolved as the fastest growing trend. Many plus size fashionistas are acquiring some great fashion styles to keep themselves up-to-date and trendy as well. But, there is a false rumor going around that you need to dismiss right now! For some reason or the other, people are telling you that you cannot wear stripes. There are many reasons for this; striped patterns make plus size girls look even larger due to the illusion they make on the figure. But you know what stripes do? They make you look cuter, no matter your size. Now, you all know what is in store for you today. So, let’s see some of the striped items you beauties should start wearing with confidence.

Let’s start with the top picks:

Fancy black and white stripes

Who does not like this pattern? And it does not make people look any bigger than they are, I think they look classy on plus size women. They are worn by fashion greats through the decades, and there is no reason curvy beauties should remain exempt. So, be ready to showcase some style in such plus size clothing.

black and white stripes

Striped and Pink and Flowers All Over

If you want to look no less than a fairy, then this floral plus size floral dress is just perfect for you. Most striped stuffs tend to fall into the black and white realm. This dress comes up to be really cute and refreshing as the hues are light and pretty. You perhaps do not need much convincing to love it, as well.

plus size boutique clothing

Striped Shift

We should always believe that plus size clothing has taken a great leap and because of which it has offered some great trends to the fashionistas out there. There are numerous of plus size boutique clothing websites that offer you with the best of styles to go for. One of them can be this striped shift dress that is grabbing many eyes around. If you want to offer yourself with a refreshing yet classy look, you can go for this number.

plus size boutique clothes

Tight and striped

Tight plus size Bodycon dresses are really adorable and so in trend. So what if it is tight and striped? A plus size girl can definitely rock the look with that needed edge. It will look stunning with a jean vest or jacket and slacks underneath.


High slit and stunning stripes

High slits make you look amazing as they are adorable and show off your beautiful body. No matter your size, this dress will become a wardrobe staple. Wear it up with a pullover with some stretch-knit shorts to go.

plus size clothing

Sheer Stripes

If you want that sassy look, then sheer stripes are the one for you. No matter what people say, just go with this amazing sheer tunic and rule the world. You can carry this beautiful plus size sheer tunic with a legging, a classy hat, and some awesome looking accessories.

plus size sheer tunic

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