Ever wondered when B-Town celebs are on casual day-outs, what do they preferably love wearing? Well, the answer is clear from the pictures, a pair of denim shorts! Yes, not only because it is comfy but also because it is always in vogue, always! Be it the eras of the 90s, 80s or even now, denim shorts were and are always in trend. Just pair it up with anything, be it top, tees or even your boyfriend’s loosely fitted shirt, you will look undoubtedly look stylish. And, probably this is the reason why Bollywood divas are shedding their eternal love for Denim shorts for women. Take a look:


Loved and adored as the most bubbly and talented diva of tinselville, Alia’s love for denim shorts is known to all. Not only she has worn it in movies, but also she has been spotted a lot of times wearing a hot pair of denim shorts on casual day outs. With almost no-make up and adorning rugged look, she looks totally classy and cute every time she steps out wearing it.


Who can forget the “Chittiyan Kalaiyan” girl and her look from the song? Jacqueline is my personal favorite, especially after she wore that high waist denim shorts in the song. I was stuck for a while. She blended it with a flowy one-shoulder top with metallic accessories and killed everyone with her looks. You can also try the outfit while blending it up with boots or sneakers to get the casual yet jazzy appearance.

Parineeti Chopra


After creating a lot of sensation by sharing the post-shredding pictures, Pari has been spotted a lot of times wearing denim shorts. With boots and casual tops, she perfects knows to carry it with much elegance. Not only on casual days, Parineeti took a step ahead and wore it at an event as well. Her confidence and her looks were so charming that everybody fell for her.


Known for the quirky fashion sense, Kangna loves wearing hotpants. And, amongst all, she prefers wearing the denim ones. And, since her sense of style is quite unique, she blends it up with flats and normal sneakers. Yeah, by going through the pictures, we can say that white is probably her most favorite color to blend with any denim shorts.

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