Fashion is all about looking good and fabric plays a key role in making an outfit that adheres to all the fashion rules. Whether you step out to buy maxi dresses for women or any other dressing option, one of the primary things to be considered is the fabric. Elegance, comfort, durability and affordability are the basic parameters that determine the suitability of a fabric for an outfit.


Here are some popular and trending fabric options used for crafting printed as well as solid color maxi dresses:


Cotton is a lightweight, natural fabric which offers comfort as well as elegance. It is inexpensive and durable too, making it ideal for various kinds of garments. The fabric is great for summer and spring maxi dresses, but the only problem is that it tends to get wrinkled.



If you are looking to buy maxi dresses for women that combine comfort with grace and durability, the ones made in polyester would be an ideal pick. The fabric is amazingly low maintenance, which means that you do not need to do much with its wash care routine and the dyes do not fade easily. It is soft and easy on skin though not as breathable as cotton.



Another good fabric choice for maxi dresses is linen, which is more suitable for casual summer maxis. A natural fiber, this one is lightweight, soft and breathable, and offers an elegant drape as well. The fabric however, needs gentle wash care and wrinkles easily.


Sheer Fabric


Sheer fabrics like chiffon and georgette are most suited for maxi dresses that define grace and glamour. The see-though fabric is used along with lining and give the maxi a flowing appearance that every woman desires.

 Sheer Fabric


Silk and satin are lustrous and smooth fabrics, which are ideal for maxi dresses for evening wear and party gatherings. The drape offered by maxis made in these fabrics is effortless and flowing, though a lining is needed to give them a better fit.



Rayon is a good substitute for cotton as it is comfortable and lightweight but does not get wrinkled. A blended fabric, this one can be worn in all seasons. The only downside of rayon is that it is not as durable as cotton and needs extra washing care.



Also known as lycra, spandex is a fashionable fabric that highlights the curves. The maxi dresses made in lycra are thus more suitable for slimmer women as they are form-fitting.


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