Solid color dresses for women have always been in demand because they make a perfect answer whenever you are confused about what to wear to a particular occasion, casual, formal or at work. It is easier to dress in them because there is not much confusion about the look of the dress, because the color is all you need to consider (choosing prints and patterns can be confusing with regard to your body type). Additionally, the fit and design has to be taken care of. Solid color dresses for women

Here are some basics that would help you pick the right colors as you buy cheap solid colored women dresses:

Match with your skin tone and hair color:

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The first and foremost thing to bear in mind while finalizing the dress color is to match the same with your skin tone and hair color. Dark skinned women should opt for deep and bold hues, while fair skinned ones can carry almost all the shades in solid color dresses for women. Women with light hair should prefer dresses in pastels while brighter ones look good on those with dark hair. Black and white will always be in trend, while you should also take care to stock the latest ones for your collection.

Pick according to occasion and weather:

Pick according to occasion and weather

Make sure that the color of your dress suits the occasion you are going to wear it too, because a dress that is worn to work needs to be in subtle shades while you need to look eye-catching in vibrant color solid dresses for parties and events. Similarly, the weather matters too. Darker hues are right for the winter as pastels will tend to give you a washed out appearance and it works the other way round for summer. Sprig is the time to flaunt just any shade of the rainbow.

Be open to experimentation:

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Avoid being rigid with your choices in colors of solid dresses as this can restrict you to a few shades only. Experiment; rather play with colors, trying something new every time you pick a new outfit. Start small, with an inexpensive dress and if you find that a particular color works for you, more of it can be added to your wardrobe. Be smart with accessories that you team with these dresses.

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