Shirt dresses are the new in and the ones made in denim make the hottest favorites among women of all ages and body types. The reason is plain and simple….denim has always rocked and will always rock! If you are in love with trendy shirt dresses in denim and have a few of them in your wardrobe, there are various ways you can style them to get that hot and fashionable look.

Here are some cool and handy tips to rock the trend of denim shirt dresses this season:

Top it up with a tee

Top it up with a tee

Layering with blazer or jacket is an outdated idea; try something new by wearing a tee over your denim dress to make it appear ultra-cool and youthful.

Belt it up

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A simple denim shirt dress can be transformed into a chic party outfit by teaming it with a stylish, colored belt. Not only will it flatter your curves b cinching at the waist, but also take the ensemble to s style high.

Wear it with a sweater

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A denim shirt dress you bought for the summer can be made winter-appropriate by wearing a sweater over it. Not only will it warm you up but also give you a new experience with your classic denim dress.

Reverse the layering

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It is a cool idea to reverse the layering with your dress. In other words, instead of wearing a jacket, tee or sweater over the dress, you can create a layer with the latter. Wear a cute dress or tee along with a pair of jeans and throw over the denim shirt dress, leaving it unbuttoned for a relaxed, casual style.

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