Blouses make an integral part of women’s wardrobe, regular and plus sized, as they add style to it and make great options to be worn to work as well as at formal occasions. There was a time when shopping for women’s plus size blouses is seen as a tough job but these days designers churn out plenty of variety for odd sizes too. A few handy tips can come to use for choosing some of the best custom blouses for plus size women without putting in much effort.


The Design

The Design

The first thing plus sized women need to be very sure about is the design of the blouse they pick up. The frilly and fluffy designs may seem like tempting options because of their girlish appeal; but it is better to steer clear of those designs which make you appear voluminous. Instead, look for a design which not only brings out the best in you but is also versatile enough to be paired with different kinds of bottoms and to be worn for various occasions.


The Color

The Color vertical patterns.

The next vital parameter while choosing women’s plus size blouses is the color. Although solids like black, navy blue and brown are regarded as conventional choices for heavier women, you can experiment with some vibrant colors that match your personality and skin tone. Yu can also opt for small prints and vertical patterns.


The Fabric

The Fabric

Blouse fabric is of paramount important as wearing one made in cheap, clinging fabric can make all your flaws stand out. Rather, go for fine quality fabric which imparts a flowy impact as well as gives you all the comfort you desire.


The Fit

The Fit2

One of the most essential clothing guideline for plus sized ladies is to wear the right size and the same applies to blouses too. A size too big can make you look gross while one that is smaller will expose the extra flab. So always wear a perfect fit.


The Price


In the end, you need to consider the price and ensure that it comes in your budget. And make sure that it can be worn again and again and not dumped in a remote corner of your closet.

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